The Residential Lawn Care Service You Can Count On

Are you noticing brown patches on your lawn or did the grass itself turn a reddish color? No matter what the problem is with your lawn, you should think about getting a residential lawn service from a company like Polk Lawn Care Services. We can properly take care of the lawn on your property in Killeen, TX.

When Maintaining Lawns.

Lawns are notoriously challenging to maintain due to their size. Mowing the lawn during the day and watering it out of season are all things you should avoid doing if you want your grass to grow in a healthy way. Lawn maintenance is a tedious chore, and lawns can be quite large, so it may be more convenient to hire experts like us to do it for you. Given our experience with lawn care, as well as the extra time at our disposal, we can do a much better job than you could.

We’ll Take Care of Your Lawn!

If you hire us to maintain your lawn, we will make sure that every part of it gets an adequate supply of water so that the grass grows thick and green. In the event that sprinkler system adjustments are required, we will make them. In addition, we will mow the lawn, taking care to not mow it too short and encourage the growth of weeds. We’re going to mulch any bare spots if we find any. If you need fertilizer added to the ground, we can do that as well. If you’re having issues with your lawn, you can count on us to fix them.

Polk Lawn Care Services provides the residential lawn service you require so that you’ll have a healthy lawn. Do you require help keeping the lawn on your property in Killeen, TX in great shape? Call us at (254) 218-4855 today so we can start right away!